Optional Extras

When we give you a quote, you'll be able to take your pick of the following optional extras and add as many as you would like when you buy your policy.

Please note that policy terms, conditions and qualifying criteria apply.

Personal Accident Cover

  • Add Personal Accident Cover to provide £30,000 insurance to cover death caused by accidental injury in the home.

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Key Cover

  • Key Cover is designed to save you the inconvenience caused if your keys are lost, stolen or get broken in your lock or ignition.
  • If you take out Key Cover, you'll get a high quality key fob with a reference number which offers a £10 reward to anyone finding the keys and returning them as well as £1,500 annual cover for locksmiths charges, new locks and keys and onward transport costs.
  • There is no excess payable and if you claim on this policy it will not affect your no claims bonus. As well as this, any key attached to the fob is covered!

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Legal Expenses Cover

  • Protects you and your family's legal rights.
  • This product provides up to £50,000 of legal cover and covers the cost of legal proceedings for neighbour disputes, personal injury claims, breach of contract plus more.

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Gadget Insurance

  • The average person is thought to carry around £851 worth of hand held gadgets with them every day. If you are one of these people and travel regularly with your gadgets then our Gadget Insurance policy is for you.

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† 10% of customers buying Home Insurance online with us from January to May 2014 received a price that was at least 14% cheaper than the price they would have been offered had they called us. Discounts depend upon individual circumstances, level of cover & payment method. (Excludes optional extras)