How to make a claim

For all other motor insurance claims (including windscreen claims), please call 0800 952 8181. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Car Insurance Claims

At The Green Insurance Company, we understand that making an insurance claim can seem daunting. So we have prepared a few guidelines to help you understand what to expect once you have notified us of your claim.

How to claim on your car insurance policy

There will be three companies involved in dealing with your claim:

1. Ageas Services UK Limited.

2. Your Insurer.

3. The Green Insurance Company

Your claim details will first of all be taken by Ageas Services UK Limited. They will take the incident details and advise if they are able to assist you with either getting your car repaired or providing you with a hire car to keep you mobile. They can assist with most non-fault claims. Ageas Services UK Limited are also the company who would work on your behalf to claim back your excess, personal injury and any other out-of-pocket expenses from the other driver's insurance company. If they cannot assist you further, you will be passed to your Policy Underwriter.

If the damage is covered under your policy, your Policy Underwriter will deal with the next part of your claim. They will arrange for an approved repairer to repair your vehicle if possible. They will also arrange for an inspection of your vehicle to be carried out. The engineer will decide if your car can be repaired or declare it a total loss. Your underwriter will deal with all claims (unless Ageas Services UK Limited are able to help if your claim was non-fault). The approved repairer will also ensure a courtesy car is given while your car is being repaired. Any queries you have should always be directed to your policy underwriter in relation to your claim.

The Green Insurance Company are advised, by both your underwriter and Ageas Services UK Limited, of any action taken. This information allows us to update your policy records with your claim details. We are also on hand to assist you with any issues you may have in relation to your claim and any disputes you may have.

How long should it take to have my claim settled?

Theft claims are aimed to be settled within 14 working days. Total loss claims are aimed to be settled within 28 working days. These are only estimates and individual situations can arise when these time scales cannot be adhered to. Any Non-Fault claim can only be settled once your Underwriter has managed to recover all their claims costs. This is dependent on the third party insurers.

Most total loss claims are settled within 4 to 6 weeks, from notification to settlement. If your car is stolen and not recovered, you can expect your claim to proceed within 21 days. This allows time for the vehicle to be found.

When can I expect to get my Courtesy Car and what type of car will it be?

If you have comprehensive cover and you are using one of your underwriter's approved repairers, you are guaranteed to be given a courtesy car once the repairs start on your vehicle. This can take up to 7 working days to be arranged, as your vehicle does have to be inspected by an engineer first. If the engineer declares your car a total loss then no car can be given.

The car will be a small, Class A type car. This is normally the size of a Ford Ka or Nissan Micra.

How do I get Glass Damage fixed on my car?

If you have had the glass on your car damaged and you have comprehensive cover we can arrange to have this fixed. Each underwriter has an approved repairer which you will be told about when you report the claim. You will have a £60 excess to pay if your glass needs replaced but if the glass can be repaired this will be done free of charge if the authorised repairer is used.

What happens if my car is declared a Total Loss?

If your car is declared a Total Loss your underwriter will confirm this once their engineer has inspected your car. Total Losses come in different categories. Category A and B total loss cars must be scrapped, as they are considered not repairable. Category C and D total losses can be bought back from the underwriter and repaired by you if you choose to. Your insurer will send you a settlement cheque once they have received specific documents from you. These are normally your V5 - Registration Document, Certificate of Insurance, Current MOT Certificate, Servicing documents and all keys to your car. If you choose to keep your car and your insurer agrees to insure it you will need to get a new MOT for your car and a Vehicle Identity Check. These documents confirm your car is roadworthy again and full cover can be reinstated on your policy. Until these documents are received by us, your policy cover will be reduced to Third Party Only.

Will I have to pay an excess and what if the accident is not my fault?

If you have an excess to pay, it's payable whether the accident is your fault or not. You must pay the repairer this amount when you collect your vehicle or, if your vehicle is declared a 'total loss', your insurer will take the excess from the final offer.

However, if the claim wasn't your fault and you have legal expenses cover, your legal expenses insurer will try to claim your excess and any other out-of-pocket expenses from the other driver's insurance company.

If your insurer recovers the cost of your claim from the other insurance company, your no claims bonus will be reinstated.

The notes above are guidelines to what you should normally expect to happen in the event of you making a claim, which is covered by your insurance policy. They are not guarantees as they can be affected by unusual circumstances particular to an individual claim or by unusually high demand at peak periods.

If you believe that these guidelines are not being met by your insurer during your claim, please contact The Green Insurance Company on 0800 952 8181 and speak to one of our consultants, who will be happy to help.

If your vehicle needs repairs following an accident or as a result of fire or theft, you should call our

ACCIDENT ACTION LINE - 0800 952 8181

(Lines open 24 hours)

  • If your vehicle needs repairs following an accident
  • If it is damaged as a result of fire or theft
  • If you need to claim for glass damage and have comprehensive cover. Have your Certificate of Motor Insurance with you and - remember - if the glass can be repaired rather than replaced, you won't have to pay any excess.