We get all kinds of questions & some are more common than others. Below are our commonly asked questions for car insurance.


Can I get immediate car insurance cover?

Yes, provided you have a valid debit or credit card and your payment authorises, we can issue cover.

You can buy your car insurance online, or if you wish to do this over the phone please call 0800 952 8181 where one of our team will be happy to help, however if our lines are closed we will not be able to assist until the following day.

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I have selected the wrong start date, can I change it?

This may be possible, please contact us on 0800 952 8181 where one of our team will be pleased to help you.

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Your system does not recognise the make and model of my car. What should I do?

Sometimes we are unable to identify the make and model of your car just from the registration number. When this happens, select no to the question ‘Do you know the registration number of the vehicle you would like to insure?’ and leave the registration field blank. You will then be asked to search for your car’s make and model manually. Once you have done this, the system will display a list of vehicle models. You should select the correct model of your vehicle from this list. If you are unable to find the exact car details, please call us on 0800 952 8181.

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Does my policy cover me to drive abroad?

As part of your policy we also provide the same level of policy cover for up to 60 days a year in the European Union. But please call us so we can check this for you or refer to your policy booklet before you travel.

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Does my policy cover me to drive other cars?

This depends on individual circumstances. If you are already a customer, it will be shown on your certificate of insurance.

Driving other cars applies to the policyholder ONLY and allows them to drive other cars (but not motorcycles) on Third Party cover ONLY. This cover is only available for driving in the UK. Further terms and conditions apply, for which you should refer to the policy book or contact us.

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When will I receive my insurance documents?

We send the majority of our documents by email; we will provide a user name and password for you to access these.  You can request to receive your document by post, however you should allow 7 working days for any documentation to reach you. We also offer special mailing services for a small fee, which will guarantee you get your documents sooner.

To keep our costs low and help the environment, we do not send out paper policy booklets; these can always be found on our website and can either be printed or downloaded to your computer.

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What is an excess?

An excess is the part of a claim that you will have to pay. Excesses are advised at time of purchase, these are also shown on your schedule of insurance.  Your excesses can be made up of voluntary and compulsory excesses.

Voluntary Excess: a voluntary excess is chosen by you. You can decide to set this as low as zero to reduce how much you would have to pay out in the event of a claim, or you can increase it to try and reduce your car insurance premium.

Compulsory Excess: a compulsory excess is not set by you, this is set by the insurer underwriting your policy. The compulsory excess is added to the voluntary excess to give you the total excess you would pay out in the event of a claim.

Additional Excesses for Young & Inexperienced Drivers: if you are aged between 17-25 and/or an inexperienced driver (i.e. who have not held a full UK/EU licence for at least a year); you will have a higher compulsory excess to pay.

Additional Limited Mileage Excesses: mileage is one variable car insurance companies use to calculate the risk of insuring you. If you drive a great deal, your car insurance rates may be higher, as you are considered at higher risk for an accident due to your greater exposure on the road. If you drive fewer miles over the year, then your premiums may be less as you may be considered a lower risk. Often insurers will apply a limited mileage excess, meaning if the stated mileage is exceeded an additional excess will apply in the event of a claim.

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What does No Claims Bonus mean?

No Claims Bonus represents the number of years you have held a policy without making a claim or having a claim made against you. Any No Claim Bonus that you have earned can only be used on one policy at a time.

When you have a certain number of years No Claims Bonus, you will have the option to pay a higher premium to protect your No Claims Bonus. This will allow you to have 2 fault claims within a 5 year period without your No Claims Bonus being stepped back.

Your No Claims Bonus must:

  • be in years
  • have been earned on a private car in the UK
  • be in your own name
  • be in English
  • not to be used on another car

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Will you ask for proof of my No Claims Bonus?

We may ask you to provide proof of your No Claims Bonus and/or driving licence to verify the details on your policy.  If we require these, we will contact you to advise how to send this.

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I've been a named driver on someone else’s policy for a few years - does that entitle me to a no claims discount if I start my own policy?

You may be eligible for an introductory discount, please call for a quote on 0800 952 8181 as we cannot do this online.

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Do the years I've spent driving a company car count towards my no claims discount?

You may be eligible for an introductory discount, please call for a quote on 0800 952 8181 as we cannot do this online.

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Will you insure my car if it has modifications?

It depends on which modifications your vehicle has. We currently quote for some modified cars online or over the phone, on 0800 952 8181.

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Can you insure my vehicle if it has been imported?

Yes, as long as the car has been built to the UK specification and is available to buy in the UK market. Please note that if your car has been imported, we will only cover right hand drive models from Europe provided they are identical to the UK model. Otherwise, we are unable to provide cover. If you are unsure please call us on 0800 952 8181 and we will check if cover can be provided.

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Will you supply a courtesy car while my car is being repaired?

If you have Comprehensive cover, you are entitled to a guaranteed courtesy car, following an accident, for the duration of repairs to your own car provided it is as a result of a claim and you have used one of our approved repairers. We also offer an optional extra that provides a hire car if your car is written off or stolen and not recovered.

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Can I pay by instalments?

You can pay by direct debit from your bank account. You will need to pay a deposit, usually by debit or credit card. You must be 18 or over to pay by instalments. Some policies are subject to paying by monthly instalments as an extra discount is given, if this is the case, this will be clearly explained to you.

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How do I make changes to my policy?

You can do this via the ‘Existing Customer’ section of the website. If you wish to do this over the phone please contact us on 0800 952 8181 where one of our team will be pleased to help you.

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Will you cover the car I've been loaned by a garage?

If you are insured with us, we will cover any courtesy or hire car as long as it has not been insured by the garage or hire company. An additional charge will apply. Please contact us on 0800 952 8181 to arrange cover.

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What if I lose my certificate?

We can replace your Certificate of Motor Insurance for a small charge. To get a replacement certificate, just call us on 0800 952 8181.

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Do I need to be the registered owner of the car?

No, we will accept certain other owners. Please call us on 0800 952 8181 to discuss.

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Do you sell classic car insurance?

No, sorry we don’t sell that type of insurance.

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Do I have Windscreen cover?

If you are Fully Comprehensive you are automatically covered for windscreen cover, this is subject to the applicable excess and providing you use an approved repairer. Please refer to your policy book for more details.

If you have Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover we can offer windscreen cover as an optional extra, for full policy details, conditions and limitations, please refer to our optional extras section.

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Can I give permission for other people to speak to you on my behalf?

We will allow named drivers and spouse or common law partners to call and deal with your policy on your behalf, however only you, the named Policy Holder, can change the address or cancel your policy.

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I am moving home, can this affect my premium?

Yes, your address details are one of the main rating factors your policy is based on. If you are moving address please call us on 0800 952 8181.

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Will my policy automatically renew?

We will normally automatically renew all your motor policies, unless you have asked us not to.  If you paid in full, we won’t automatically renew your policies if your payment does not authorise. We may, at our discretion, choose not to automatically renew if you have an unpaid balance or have had difficulty in making your payments. If you pay by instalments, cancelling your direct debit will not stop your policy from automatically renewing; you must contact us to stop the renewal. We will write to you before the renewal date to explain what will happen, and to let you know what the policy terms and new payments will be.

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I no longer want my insurance policy so I have cancelled my direct debit. Will this cancel my policy?

No, this will not cancel your policy, cancelling your direct debit only means you will stop making payments to us. Your policy will still be in force for a certain number before it is cancelled by default. You will still be required to pay for the days on cover including the cancellation fee. If you no longer need insurance please call us on 0800 952 8181.

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Can you send me proof of my no claims discount?

Your most recent renewal invite is proof of your no claims discount. If you do not have this please call us on  0800 952 8181 and we can send you a letter as proof. Please note we can only send this once a policy is no longer in force.

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Can my Insurance be placed on hold?

No, we only sell 12 month policies and there is no option to suspend the policy, the only option would be to cancel the policy.

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How can I check my vehicle is insured?

That’s easy. You can visit the MID website (Motor Insurance Database)  It is a free service that is quick and easy to use.

If you have just purchased this vehicle or changed your vehicle on an existing policy, it may take up to 7 days for the askMID website to be updated. If you are concerned your vehicle may not be insured then please contact us on 0800 952 8181. 

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I have been involved in an accident, what should I do?

Call us on 0800 952 8181

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Can I use my car for business use?

If you have business use then this would be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.  If it is not then you are not covered for this. If you would like to add this to your policy, please contact us on 0800 952 8181.

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I need to renew my car tax, what should I do?

There are a two ways in which you can do this;

Online:  Vehicle tax can be purchased online via this link:   

Offline:  You should have received a vehicle tax reminder, take this to your nearest post office along with – A valid MOT, your vehicle tax reminder will tell you if you need this.  Your MOT must be valid on the date your car tax starts.

Due to recent changes, you no longer need your insurance documents to tax your car.

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My tax disc has expired. Do I get a grace period to obtain a new one?

Although a tax disc can be purchased in advance of the current one expiring, there is no grace period following expiry.

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 I have not received the tax disc. Can I use the Vehicle without the tax disc displayed?

When you apply for a tax disc online or by using DVLA's phone service you are able to legally continue to drive your vehicle for up to 14 days after the tax disc has expired while you wait for the new tax disc to arrive. This will only apply when you have applied for a new tax disc before the current one expires. You should continue to display the expired disc on your vehicle, until the new one arrives.

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