This Weeks Top 3

This week Grimple has been looking at a real Lego Car, Scottish Shellfish protection and what effects the warm summer months had on the UK's wildlife.

1lgjcynxa36chix.jpgLego Car That You Can Actually Drive!

In Melbourne, Australia, two men have built a car out of Lego that is powered by air! It can reach top speeds of up to 12 miles per hour and took over 500,000 bits of Lego to build. How good a Christmas gift would that make?

However this car took upwards of 18 months and over $20k dollars to make, I can’t see it being a top selling Christmas gift for Lego.

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Scottish Shellfish Waters Protected.

84 areas in total have been identified as areas that are to be protected in efforts to protect the Scottish shellfish sector and help ensure products are safe for human consumption.

These measures have come into place to ensure sustainable futures in both the aquaculture and freshwater fisheries as they play a bit part in overall Scottish economy.

For a full list of the protected areas click here.

Warm Summer Win For Wildlife!

Following 6 poor summers on the bounce, a warm July and August has help to turn around the fortunes of the UK’s wildlife, according to the National Trust. Moths, butterflies, bees, grasshoppers and crickets were best off because of these hot months.

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