This Week's Top 3

Check out this week's Grimple's Top 3! This week he has been focusing on diffrent types of animals, birds, dogs and even some insects.

1lgjcynxa36chix.jpgClean it up

Stafford Borough Council are hoping that rewarding those who report dog-owners that fail to clean up after their dogs will see a rise in people being reported and a reduction in the problem.

The council will give the proceeds of £75 fines to the people that report them, if they are prosecuted. Highly visible patrols in problem areas have only fined a handful of people, however this new approach will help crack down on offenders by engaging community minded residents.

12 Days of Christmas Birds in Danger

Partridges (not the ones in pear trees) and turtle doves along with cuckoos and other birds are in danger of being wiped out. An RSPB study has warned that their numbers have fell sharply over the past decade.

The RSPB are particularly worried about the populations of the turtle dove and the grey partridge which have halved since 1995. The turtle dove is the fastest declining bird in the UK. This decline is thought to be caused by the destruction of their diet, which is seeds and weeds. They are being killed off by intensive farming and herbicides.

The RSPB are working to increase the numbers of these birds through environmental stewardship and initiatives such as nature improvement areas, also working closely with farmers and other land managers.

High Line Cockroaches

Recently a dilapidated stretch of elevated railway in Manhattan’s West Side, New York was given a new lease of life and it was turned into a park for everyone to enjoy. It became New York’s newest tourist attractions and has increased the value of the area quite dramatically.

However the High Line Park has attracted some unwanted visitors, cockroaches! These are not normal cockroaches though, they are a very specific species called Periplaneta Japonica, they are commonly found in Asia, but they have never been confirmed in the US until now.

It is thought that having both types of cockroaches in and around the park will actually work in the park’s favour. As the more time and energy spent competing for food and space, then the less time they will spend reproducing. So in time there may well be less cockroaches in the High Line park.

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