The Weeks Top 3

This week Grimple has been looking at hellium, marine conservation zones and a competition run by the National Trust. Read on for more info...


The government has announced it will create 27 new marine conservation zones to protect wildlife in seas around the English coast. The “MCZs” will prevent dredging and bottom–trawling, keeping sea horses, coral reefs and oyster beds safe.

The Marine Conservation Society welcomed the “significant milestone”. However they also warned that this is only a quarter of the number of MCZs that scientists recommended to complete an ecological coherent network.

Finite Resources

Not many people know this but helium is a finite resource and will one day run out, this week the BBC published a very interesting story asking the question “Should we use a finite resource on party balloons?”

Andrea Sella a chemist from the University College London (UCL) said “We’re going to be looking back and thinking, I can’t believe people just used to fill up their balloon with it.”

To read more click here.


The National Trust are running a competition where you can win a year of Good Energy for free and an energy audit. It is a clever competition where you have to shoot a short video or take a photo of something you find both beautiful and useful. They have shown a couple of examples including a video of a bottle that is turned into a light and some forks that have been used as a coat hooks.

Why not enter and show your creative recycling skills off. Check out the competition here.

Speaking of competitions make sure and check out the Green Insurance Facebook page, as next week we will be running our own competition.

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