Sun Harvesting

Following heightened concerns about the Britain’s aging electrical grid and it’s limited capacity for renewable energy, developers up and down the country are racing to install solar parks on empty land.

eypmfyepp3eczyy.jpgThis has caused concern with environmental campaigners due to the vast size of the solar farms proposed. Their concerns are focused around using agricultural land for the production of energy and they believe this is simply swapping one form or dependency for another.

Solar power will play a massive part in the government reaching their renewable energy targets by 2020. In a recently published roadmap it urges an eight-fold increase in solar power over the next seven years.

Interestingly though, according to Lightsource the UK could produce 22GW of electricity from solar, that’s enough to power four million homes and it could do this by utilising a mere 0.29% of Britain’s agricultural land.

What are your thoughts? Are you for or against the use of solar panels appearing on our agricultural land?

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