This Weeks Top 3

27 Dec 2013

This week Grimple has been looking at a real Lego Car, Scottish Shellfish protection and what effects the warm summer months had on the UK's wildlife.

This Week's Top 3

10 Dec 2013

Check out this week's Grimple's Top 3! This week he has been focusing on diffrent types of animals, birds, dogs and even some insects.

This Week's Top 3

29 Nov 2013

This week Grimple has been taking a look at aluminium, electric cars from the past and wind energy through crowdfunding. 

The Weeks Top 3

22 Nov 2013

This week Grimple has been looking at hellium, marine conservation zones and a competition run by the National Trust. Read on for more info...

Grimple's Top 3

15 Nov 2013

Grimple is back with his Top 3 and this week he has been taking a look at the weather, forests and rambling.

Grimple's Top 3

8 Nov 2013

Here we go, it’s Grimple’s Top 3. This week Grimple has been looking into some techy stuff, the WWF’s new home and someone (not Grimple) spotted a humpback whale off the coast of England. Read on for more info...

Fireworks Night

5 Nov 2013

It’s the 5th of November and we’re hoping you’re thinking about having a wonderful and safe fireworks night.  Here’s something to think about to ensure any bonfire you’re involved with has minimal impact on our environment.

Green Grants Winner

1 Nov 2013

The third Green Grant winner of 2013 is Carriagehill Nursery in Paisley, who have been randomly selected from the entries that we have had over the last few months.

Soup-er Halloween

30 Oct 2013

Halloween’s around the corner and no doubt many of you will be carving pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns. You may have thought about what you are going to carve into the pumpkins, but have you thought about what you will do with the insides?

Sun Harvesting

29 Oct 2013

Following heightened concerns about the Britain’s aging electrical grid and it’s limited capacity for renewable energy, developers up and down the country are racing to install solar parks on empty land.

Grimple's Top 3

17 Oct 2013

Grimple and the team have been trawling the web and news papers to bring you their top 3 green stories this week.

Grimple's Top 3

27 Sep 2013

Grimple and the team have scoured the newspapers and online news outlets to bring you his top 3 green stories this week.

Europe's key animals 'making a comeback'

26 Sep 2013

Europe's key animals 'making a comeback

Green Grant Winner

7 Aug 2013

Our second Green Grant winner 2013 is Oakley School in Kent who were randomly selected from over 150 entrants and receive a grant for £1000.

Driving Smart = Driving Further

19 Jul 2013

You might have heard, reports today are suggesting that petrol prices are set to rise again this summer. So, here at The Green Insurance Company we decided to kick off our very own (very un-scientific) look at how driving more efficiently could make a difference to our petrol costs. 

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