Grimple's Top 3

Here we go, it’s Grimple’s Top 3. This week Grimple has been looking into some techy stuff, the WWF’s new home and someone (not Grimple) spotted a humpback whale off the coast of England. Read on for more info...


A couple of weeks ago we told you about the rising costs of household heating bills, well the clever people at MIT have been looking at way round about that and come up with a “Thermoelectric Wristband”.

“What is that?” we hear you ask, well it is a wristband, not much bigger than a watch that heats or cools your entire body using thermal pulses to maintain overall body temperature - and in turn saving costs on heating bills!

For more on this story check out this article in The Independent.


A humpback whale has been seen near Dunwich in Suffock, it is believed to be the first sighting of the species in the county. The huge creatures were first seen about a mile offshore last week.

Humpback whales, which can reach up to 52ft in length, migrate about 16,000 miles each year from polar waters where they feed in the summer to tropical seas where they breed in the water.

Check out the video of the sighting here


The World Wide Fund for Nature have this month opened their new headquarters in Woking, the building is carbon neutral and is described as being “outstandingly sustainable”, The building boasts sine rather impressive features including; photovoltaic panels for solar energy, extensive glass to maximise natural light, four specially designed recycled aluminium wind cowls for natural ventilation, rain water in the toilets and ground sourced heat pumps brining up air from 200 meters below. Check out this site to learn more about the building.

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