Grimple's Top 3

Grimple is back with his Top 3 and this week he has been taking a look at the weather, forests and rambling.



The Express is reporting that we can expect an “exceptionally severe” winter, with plunging temperatures, massive snowfalls and issues all the way up to February.

The general consensus amongst weather forecasters is that there will be an abundance of the white stuff this winter and it won’t let up until into the new year. This will bring issues along with it though, roads grinding to a halt, airports shutting, heating bills on the rise, frozen pipes.

So make sure and  prepare as much as possible.


Google Earth have created a fantastic interactive online tool that allows you to see in high detail where forest has been gained or lost. It charts the story of the worlds tree canopies from 2000 to 2012, based on 650,000 satellite images.

From 2000 – 2012 you can see that the world has lost a combined forest the size of Mongolia, which to put in to context is enough trees to cover the UK six times!


Under new controversial powers being granted to councils, ramblers could be banned from walking on public land. The new public protection orders (PSPOS) are intended to give councils the authority to tackle anti-social behaviour including drinking, aggressive begging and dog fouling.

However campaigners say the legislation could be misused to prevent the public enjoying public spaces. The Home Office say the powers, which are contained within the Government’s Anti-social behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, will stop public places becoming “no-go areas”.

These powers are not intended to restrict legitimate users such as walkers and it is suggested that these powers will in fact give these people better protection. People who do not comply with the new restrictions could face on the spot fines.

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