Fireworks Night

It’s the 5th of November and we’re hoping you’re thinking about having a wonderful and safe fireworks night.  Here’s something to think about to ensure any bonfire you’re involved with has minimal impact on our environment.

fxullrtmqhfikm4.jpgDid you know that burning rubbish, painted/treated wood, plastics and other man made products on a bonfire release dioxins into the environment?  This can then find it’s way into the food chain, as the soot from a bonfire settles on the grass that the animals in the field gaze on – true!

So please try and make sure you burn clean, dry, untreated wood on your bonfire, as this will drastically reduce the dioxins released.

As always the best thing to do is to go to an organised event, remember to wrap up warm, be careful and have fun!

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